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The · Algonquin · Round · Table · of · 1925

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Good evening, fellow art's.

Is the year still 1925, or is 1965 by now? It has been a long absence. Full of advenure and intrigue; but more to the point, without a PC in sight. Hence the long silence. Silent movies are noisier, let's face it.

So. It's rather empty around here there days. Of course, I know why. And I will have to change that around. Won't I?

I raise a gin to you all. 


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Just to give notice, but I am taking a small leave for a week or two. I'll be traveling here and there, just to take a breather and work on various pieces. I will return soon.


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I have to apologise. My life sometimes is far too erratic, and I freely admit I just sometimes do not have the time to update here, which I dearly regret. Scribble to oneself; "Must try harder..."

I also add here that I am sometimes often without a PC due to my frivolous nature of going on a bender several weekends and weekday evenings (in fact, whensoever the occasion, or indeed need, arises) of the month, and ending up in random places across London and the South-East staying at numerous friends' apartments. The majority of whom do not have an internet connection for some bizarre reason; some do but I am probably still recovering from the previous night and in no state to update, and some are extremely silly and manage to delete Windows entirely from their PC. This particular friend of mine I happen to stay with quite alot, and so I always miss huge gaps in my Journal because of their stupidity.

That's right. Pass that buck.

No, really. I am sorry I haven't been totally here all the time but we have covered the apologies so let's move on.

Now. Who has actually managed to read 'The Sun Also Rises'. I have not really got that far. Apologies. Again. But I promise I will ; )

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*Buys a round of drinks*
Is it just me, or is the country sliding into a state of apathy? It's as if 'war', gas prices, and nuclear development just isn't enough to keep things kicking anymore.
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Hi guys, hope you don't mind me joining the table. I've been a fan of the round table since I was a kid and hope to one day be a part of such a circle myself. Myself, I'm an aspiring writer and, at times, I will admit, an avid drinker.
Coincidentally, I finished the Sun Also Rises a few days ago, so I guess I'm already caught up.
Nice to meet you all.
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I just need maybe two more days! I've been moving house and things have gotten a bit out of hand. I'm therefore a bit behind on my reading schedule. But I'm very close to finishing. Sorry though!
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My dear Algonquinians. Or Round Tablers. Whichsoever you may prefer. I stumbled upon this press release - albeit slightly dated now - but I had not heard this news, and thought that you should all read it too!

Entirely exciting!


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Round tablers, it may be 2006 - but in our hearts, it is still 1925. So let us talk.

Recently a few of us have mentioned a book club. I for one have heartily agreed this. I generally think the procedure will go as follows:

1. Someone nominates a book.

2. We all read it.

3. We all discuss what we liked, or didn't like about it back here a month later.

4. See 1.

Quite, quite simple, but oh, so effective. Now we have had a suggestion of Hemingway. I for one like the sound of The Sun Also Rises.

All in favour say 'Aye'!

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Am new around here as well and did not properly introduce myself before spilling myself into your midst. I hope I am welcome among what appears to be an eclectic group.

Genius Rentals cordially offers members of the roundtable an introductory 100% discount from our usual rates which are typically quite exorbitant, to say the least.

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Hello there.

Thought I'd drift by and see what was afoot, since I find myself in search of new thrills. I'm a London-based writer, although you'd probably find this a little more interesting than my current project.

How are you all? Mind if I pull up a chair?

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