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The · Algonquin · Round · Table · of · 1925

I have to apologise. My life sometimes is far too erratic, and I…

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I have to apologise. My life sometimes is far too erratic, and I freely admit I just sometimes do not have the time to update here, which I dearly regret. Scribble to oneself; "Must try harder..."

I also add here that I am sometimes often without a PC due to my frivolous nature of going on a bender several weekends and weekday evenings (in fact, whensoever the occasion, or indeed need, arises) of the month, and ending up in random places across London and the South-East staying at numerous friends' apartments. The majority of whom do not have an internet connection for some bizarre reason; some do but I am probably still recovering from the previous night and in no state to update, and some are extremely silly and manage to delete Windows entirely from their PC. This particular friend of mine I happen to stay with quite alot, and so I always miss huge gaps in my Journal because of their stupidity.

That's right. Pass that buck.

No, really. I am sorry I haven't been totally here all the time but we have covered the apologies so let's move on.

Now. Who has actually managed to read 'The Sun Also Rises'. I have not really got that far. Apologies. Again. But I promise I will ; )

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On April 23rd, 2006 09:44 pm (UTC), happyuncledave commented:
Back to kick us into shape, dear Gats? Marvellous news!

I think there might even be some gin left around here somewhere.
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